I don’t know why I like to eat yogurt at midnight


I really wanted to write something today since I have a chance write at this moment even though my priority is that I am supposed to be sleeping so I can wake up bright and early to start my wonderful day studying for my dreadful test.

How enthusiastic! Anyways, I think in my first post, I will be emo since I was feeling a little bit emo earlier and complain about stuff. ( It’s not really emo, just keep reading). That is what I am good at. I complain all the time. I always try and convince my boyfriend that he should find someone that doesn’t complain as much. I wonder if Ethan is reading this and shaking his head no, no, no since he hates when I do that. I shouldn’t really be doing that since I want to keep him. Yet, I want to save him from my whirlpool of confusion. Maybe it’s an exciting colorful whirlpool of fun confusion. But he sticks around and listens to me complain some more and manages to not get sucked in the whirlpool of confusion. How peculiar! The poor guy is up reading all my blabbering on Google chat and his poor eyes are drooping from doing the same thing the previous night. I go on talking about how I wish I was better and thinner, just like every woman in the world. I complain about my bad day and how everything goes wrong everyday and how I hated the weather.  I am worse than an old lady. And you know what? Even though I am the biggest weirdo ever, Ethan loves this weirdo old lady right here. You know what else? That’s a kind of guy every woman needs, a great listener who loves you for who you are. Dang, this is not emo anymore.Who cares! Emo is boring anyways. I love to brag about the love of my life. So ladies, don’t settle for any fish in the sea! Fish for the right man who listens to you and loves you for who you are. You deserve it! Not some loser scum bag.

Ethan, I dedicate my first blog post to you. Thank you for loving me and telling me that I am beautiful everyday even when I barely wake up and my hair is all in tangles and my make-up from the night before is all smeared making me look like I have a black eye. Thank you for everything that you do for me, for encouraging me, for believing in me even when I cannot figure out the simplest math problems on my homework. I remember when we first met and I instantly fell in love with you, but I was too shy to say anything. We both waited and waited and when the right time came, we started dating. I still wonder why I had to wait so long. It took us forever to get together as an official couple and how Adan told you that I liked you and that I thought that you had a cute butt. I remember our first date and how nervous we both were. That night, I ordered something fancy to impress you. We laughed so much and talked about the most random things ever like when I told you that my dream was to be an opera singer and that I wanted to live in New York to perform on Broadway. Little did I know that the greatest adventure was right here. I had the best date in my whole life just sitting and talking for hours. Hours led to days and days into a year and soon it’s going to be our 2 year anniversary in a few months and I still wonder how you put up with me everyday even though I drive you crazy.


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