Where can 40 cents get you?

I pay 40 cents to get on the bus with my economy card. It’s pretty sweet. It can get me everywhere (unless I don’t have 40 cents).

Valeria (my sister) and I always have adventures  like the ones that occur unplanned and sporadically. We had an adventure like that a few Fridays ago (I’m really behind on these blogs.) That Friday started off as one of those Fridays where we gather all of our change and  hitch a ride on the city bus going  Northbound to downtown and find something to do on 4th Avenue, wander the streets and  follow wherever the winds took us. We both paid our 40 cents and got our transfers and sat quietly. I don’t really like talking on the bus since everyone listens, no matter how quietly I talk. It’s funny how those slow bus rides make you sleepy and you have no choice but to eavesdrop on people’s weird conversations about how they just got out of jail and only have 6 cents to their name or that they got in a fight with their baby’s momma.

Once we got to the bus station, we walked down to Chocolate Iguana and chatted about I have no idea what;we talk too much. I just remember the clicking of my brown boots echoing with each step I took as we walked through the underpass and the loud echo of our cackling filled the air. I do remember Valeria telling me that she wanted to buy the underpass someday because it opened up to the public on her birthday. The day was sunny, the good sunny where you don’t need a sweater and you aren’t “sweating like a sinner in church” type of heat. The cool breeze was blowing my already messy and uncontrollable hair everywhere. Once we arrived at the cafe, it was comforting to pass through the threshold. The warmth of the cafe relaxed my hyperactive body and the smell of the coffee brewing was rich as it hit my nostrils. Valeria and I both were eager to order a toasted warm bagel and a fresh cup of orange juice. After ordering, we decided to sit outside. Even though there was morning traffic going down 4th Ave. the morning breeze was more refreshing than any cup of coffee in the world. We stared at the mural illustrated on the wall across the street and pointed out what we liked about it. We laughed about how we always stare at it even though we always sit there at that same spot every time we go to Chocolate Iguana and find something new to laugh about since it is so random.

Once we finished eating, we strolled down to Goodwill since my mother asked us to find some Christmas knickknacks to decorate the house with. I didn’t want to look through the clothing section, but Valeria insisted. I did not thing that we would find anything; We ended up looking through every rack, piling up all the clothes into a tiny shopping basket, hungry to find more bargains.

Finally we realized that we were tired and ready to try on our clothes. We pushed our cart with a mountain of clothes and entered our dressing room. With every article of clothing, we modeled the shirts, skirts, tank-tops, sweaters, etc. and asked if we looked decent in the clothes. It was hard not to sing the songs out loud that were being played on 92.9 The Mountain. After the longest time of modeling clothing, we ended up with a small pile of clothes and thankfully, we remembered that we needed to look through the Christmas stuff. Fake snow, garlands, and tree toppers, we successfully ended our shopping trip. Even though we were both sick with a cold, we both managed to have the best shopping day ever and made one last stop to the Zoom Juice and bought a Floo Figher for our cold.

We made our way downtown to the bus station, paid our bus fare, and had a relaxing bus ride home, sipping our smoothie, and contemplated on our amazing purchases. I couldn’t wait to show Ethan everything I bought and Valeria was excited to decorate the house.


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