What does the future of 2011 hold?

I think my problem is that I don’t take my New Year’s Resolutions,  too seriously by forgetting about them.

I was wondering who even came up with this idea and if you are interested in knowing, here is a webpage you can go check it out too! http://www.whoinventedit.net/who-invented-new-years-resolutions.html Very interesting stuff!

Looking back at my old blog from December 2009,my views on New Year’s Resolutions haven’t changed much. I wrote this:

Making New Years resolutions is like buying a coat for an Arizona winter. You spend so much time stressing at a department store looking for the perfect one and you’ll only wear it for a week and it will get lost in the back of the closet to be forgotten until next winter comes around and then you’ll tell yourself that you’ll wear it more. We contemplate on what we want to do differently. Yet we forget our resolutions since we make them impossible to follow and we give up so quickly. I try to keep my New Years resolutions. I tell myself that I’ll lose ten pounds, that I’ll sleep more, that I’ll stress less and do more yoga. But do it do it? No. Maybe we should listen to these little New Years resolutions and they may actually improve our lifestyles. A little downtime for yourself might not hurt. A little exercise might be good for the soul. A little more sleep might help with gaining more energy. Even though we might forget about our New Years resolutions, all that matters is that we tried.

I still have my tradition where I evaluate the year and prepare my New Year’s resolution list before the New Year starts. I walk around with a mini notebook in my hand and scribble my thoughts down and my illegible handwriting fills the pages with my brainstorms. This year I will focus on more specific resolutions, the more specific and clear they are the easier they will be to reach. This year, with the help of intent.com, I think I have more motivation to succeed with my resolutions. Below  is the list:

1)      I will be a better listener and work on building a stronger communication system with my significant other (lover) named Ethan Kernek.

2)      I will eat healthier by adding more fruits and vegetables to my meals daily and help Ethan be motivated to eat more healthy.

3)      I will control my worries and racing thoughts by deep breathing exercises.

4)      I will treat others with kindness by thinking what I am going to say before I say it and make the lives of those around me easier.

5)      I will continue to succeed in school and apply the study skills I developed last semester to this upcoming semester and pass.

6)      I will learn to accept my mistakes. Instead of seeing my mistakes as mistakes, I will see them as lessons.

7)      I will not be fearful of the unknown, but rather be open to the unknown.

8)      I will dedicate myself to updating my blog at least twice a month.

9)      I will take my vitamins every day.

10)   I will focus on positivity rather than negativity.

I know there is a lot more that I need to focus on this year to improve my quality of life. If more come to head, I will certainly add-on to this list. Good luck to everyone with their resolutions.


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