I’m telling you, I’m super behind on these blogs!

How could I forget my Valentine’s Day 2011?!

So Ethan and I love Valentine’s day. I know we’re the cheesy, romantic types who give gifts and spend the whole day together. Come on, we’re young and in love! Except I think Valentine’s Day landed on a weird day in the middle of the week or something. So after school, we went to the Grill and ate dinner. That is our tradition. We order burgers, eat fries, snuggle. Delicious!!! Then we returned home, did homework and waited for the weekend. Ethan arrived at my house with flowers (not roses because I don’t like them very much), some chocolates, a handmade card, and a unicorn.

Ethan and I were planning to eat out at Hub which just opened recently, but we decided to take a scenic route on Gate’s Pass and relax. The drive was beautiful and the stars were so visible, sparking. Ethan and I indulged in junk food, McDonalds and ate Mcdoubles and fries. It was a cool night in the desert and I wondered what other gift Ethan had for me. Actually, I knew what it was already since I picked it out. It was my promise ring, but I didn’t know when Ethan was going to present it to me. When he pulled out the little black box from the glove compartment of his car, I jumped in excitement! The beautiful black and white diamond ring glistened in the moonlight and Ethan slipped it on my finger. He told me that the ring represented his love to me and that he promises to love me because I make him so happy and he loves me more than anything in the world. It was most beautiful indeed.


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