This ain’t no avian flu

I’ve picked up a few new hobbies: Bird-feeding and Bird-watching.

In my Natural History of the Southwest class I learned to identify tons of bird species. What do I do with that skill? Bird-watch! It’s not lame. It’s not for tourists. It’s not for old people. It’s rather simple actually. Just remember to do a bit of research before you bird feed. I made my feeders out of recycled milk gallons. I cut some holes in them. Attached some string.  It works!!!! Keep the feeders clean!!!!! I wash them out regularly and buy some wild bird feed and they LOVE the Black  Sunflower Seeds!! That’s a lot of exclamation marks haha.  It’s amazing to just watch the beautiful birds that come along. I get brilliant red House Finches, Cardinals, small House Sparrows, Black-throated sparrows, etc. Also, you get some great birds to photograph. It’s amazing to be surrounded by the wonderful wildlife when I wake up and they are grateful for their delicious millet seeds 😀


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