Nature’s Grace

Who knew the desert had grace and beauty?! I did.  😀

Ethan and I went to the Tohono Chul Park. He had 2 free tickets and we were excited for a new adventure. I didn’t look up what it was in the first place. I knew I needed tons of water, sunscreen, a hat, and some comfortable shoes since it was going to be 99 degrees outside. I made a bad judgement call on my shoes and wore sandals. Little did I know that we were going to have to walk more than I imagined. Ethan and I arrived at the park and boy was it hot! I knew we could tolerate it though. Ethan and I started walking along the desert trails and watching out for rattlesnakes. I identified all plants that were familiar to me such as Brittle bush, creosote bush, pincushion cacti, etc. Ethan and I were getting out butts kicked by the sun and we found a beautiful ramada, the Pincushion cacti area. Ethan and I sat down for a while and chatted. The wind felt sooooo good against my sweaty face.

Ethan talked to me about history related to the Middle East. I love it! His memory fascinates me and his passion is even more fascinating. We talked about the Middle Ages and the Crusades. We sympathized for the knights who had to wear heavy armor and walked through the deserts. We talked about living off of the desert alone and wondering if we could do it. We kept walking along and felt like we kept getting lost. The park was huge!

Ethan and I found another lovely ramada area to have a picnic. Ethan made delicious roast beef sandwiches with swiss cheese and mustard. I could settle with another one of those sandwiches right now. Beautiful hummingbirds also joined us for lunch as the quickly fluttered along, drinking nectar from the flowers. Ethan and I discussed Middle Eastern Architecture and if there is even a definition of Middle Eastern Architecture. Who knows…hehe

Again we kept walking and walking, but Ethan did identify one patio area as Moorish and we double-checked in the pamphlet and he got it right! I love him. Finally we made it to the Riparian area and the sound of the little stream running was relaxing. The towering trees swayed and sunshine peeked though. The only bad thing was that there were tons of bees in that area so we had to run by since we’re deathly terrified of bees.

Ethan and I wandered some more and found the children’s garden. There was some music-making thing and we entertained ourselves there. Yet, we were exhausted and eager to go home.

The trip was wonderful, but we needed to stop by at the greenhouse. WOW!!!!!! Was it beautiful! The flowers were so vibrant, healthy. I wanted to take them all home and plant them. I hope Ethan buys me a plant for my anniversary gift. 😀 The only bad thing that happened was that my sandal got destroyed. Ethan and I were well protected from the sun and he didn’t get sunburnt, I just got tanned. Thank you Ethan for a beautiful day!


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