Oliver Snoo-Snoo Torres-Kernek

I loved Oliver because he was so small and so cute especially when he ate his apples.

I remember when we bought him at Pet’s Mart and we knew we wanted him. We took him over to Napoleon and Arielle’s old house and we all assembled his house.I remember when Ethan would keep Oliver at his house for a month and then bring him over to my house and we’d trade. I remember when he’d show up with the cute hamster :)I remember when I’d clean his cage and make sure everything was neat and tidy, not crowded or stinky.

I remember when my kitties would watch him run on his wheel.Oliver loved bluegrass music, the Disney Channel, midnight runs, snacks, starting at Kitty and running through his tubes.This is a tribute blog for the little Hamster with the Longest name.My dearest little Oliver Passed away March of 2011. He was getting old I guess, but Kitty and Orion miss him dearly because they’d watch him run on his wheel for hours. Ethan and I miss him dearly as well.He is buried in my backyard. My mom buried him out there and he has a cute altar and apparently he’s patriotic  with a small flag.

To Oliver!For he is in a better place.I love you Oliver and I miss you 😦 and Ethan misses you too. We think about you when we go to stores and see hamster stuff.


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