I am 21 years old!

I am finally a 21 year old woman.

AN ADULT WOMAN! With responsibilities and new worries and some more pounds to shed and another year of again and some good memories to go with it 😀 hehe That sounds weird haha. I still feel really young since I don’t have a huge interest in alcohol or stuff like that. On my birthday it was 104 degrees in sweet Ol’ Tucson. Also, there are still uncontrolable wildfires that seem impossible to put out. We slept part of the day, watched tv and got ready. Ethan came with tons of sweets: brownies, cookies, cupcakes and the birthday cake 😀

I am seriously spoiled. My edible gifts and wonderful card was all I wanted and also to spend time with my love. I made these wonderful butterfly garlands that I found on a cool blog called “Michelle Made Me.”  Find out how to make them on http://michelemademe.blogspot.com/2011/03/series-5-halve-circle-1-butterfly.html

My stepdad bought some chicken, rice, beans, tortillas and dinner was good. Ethan took me out to the movies to watch Source Code and it was so comfy in the theaters. But the night before! Ethan took me out to get my first alcoholic beverage and gave me tons of tips on being an alcoholic consumer. hehe. These are a few things I learned:

1. If you are drunk and you think your idea is the greatest one ever, don’t do it!

2. Make sure to keep your voice low. You are most likely being super loud.

3. Drink Responsibly!


Many more lessons about adult life will come.

For another celebration, Noah, Ethan and I went to Club Congress and danced the night away. I love this new freedom, but I will be sure not to abuse it. I can’t wait to go celebrate some more with my best friend Brittany and Gary. Seriously, we won’t stop celebrating haha. 21 will go as soon as it came so we better make the best of it!

I got this awesome bear as a gift! 😀

Thank you Ethan and Family for the best birthday!!!!!! 😀 I love you Ethan!


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