Show and tell

I have character.
  1. My nickname is Claudius Maximus
  2. I love Ethan
  3. I’m a  photographer
  4. I play the viola
  5. I’m addicted to tacos and sour patch kids
  6. I do things to change my community
  7. I am passionate about youth voice and I am a feminist
  8. My favorite color is hot pink
  9. I bird feed and I can identify birds by their calls
  10. My cats are spoiled
  11. I am never ready on time
  12. I always get grumpy when I am tired
  13. I love my boots
  14. I dislike it when my parents watch their movies too loud
  15. I laugh too loud
  16. I listen to the same songs everyday: Lady Gaga Born this Way Album
  17. I like going to school
  18. I want to be a professor
  19. I want to beat Ethan at Scrabble one day
  20. Brittany and I need to learn how to cook
  21. I look up to my younger siblings, they are my inspiration
  22. I am thankful for my significant other, for he too is my inspiration
  23. I love desert plants
  24. I love my pets
  25. I am Claudia Torres

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