Occupy Tucson

Ethan, Karla, Mia and I all went for the first day of Occupy Tucson and weren’t sure what to expect. We did take all of our camping gear, food, water, etc. We relaxed all day talking to each other, listening to the music around us, photographing the history occurring around us and waiting to see what would happen next. Around 8:30 p.m. we got word about police officers and arrests. We were certainly confused because we thought we were allowed to stay there for some reason and we couldn’t afford to get citations and owe tons of money to the city. We stayed there as long as we could and packed everything up and wished them all a good night. TPD was extremely polite and made sure everyone was safe. I am amazed at the commitment of the occupiers right now and we still pay them visits and show them our support.


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