What Halloween?!

Halloween came and went at a blink of an eye. Yet, we did celebrate on Friday and went to a party. Adan, Napoleon, Ethan and I went to Katelyn’s party. We did have a good time mingling, dancing, and eating some delicious brownies. Even though some drama did occur, we still have a new friendship with Katelyn. Adan and I feasted on Hot Fries at 2 in the morning. Ethan let me sleep in the car on the way home. On Monday, we had a YCAP meeting and I did dress up in my Alice in Wonderland costume and I had some bright yellow tights and silver flats. I loved my costume! Unfortunately, I had a terrible migraine that evening and I fell asleep. We couldn’t go trick-or-treating, we didn’t have enough time to hang out with Brittany and Jake. Yet, we got some candy the day after in class and some cupcakes. I hope you all had a safe and Happy Halloween! Thank you Ethan for taking care of me when I had my terrible migraine!!! I LOVE YOU!


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