The best things are right at home.

A breath of fresh air and a kiss from the sun is a gift from earth.

Now that spring is here and I have means of documenting memorable moments in my life, I take time to take off of studying and just hang out outside. The beautiful sunset is always mesmerizing. I love the warmth of the sun against my skin. I enjoy the cool breeze blowing through my long hair. I love watching the birds flying around gathering twigs and food for their young. I think about how nature is all connected creating a fine balance, a true mastery of survival. Nature is fascinating, that’s why I capture it in photographs.

On the day I took these photographs, my mom and I were cleaning. She wanted me to take some photos of the outside. She really appreciates how I document my view of the world, especially nature. She loves my photographs. Hopefully it’s because she thinks they look good and not just because she’s my mother.


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