Tiffany’s Wedding

The sunshine and warmth of the day was perfect, a light breeze carried love though out the air. So carefree, we were carefree.

Tiffany and I have been the best of friends since high school. What happens when your best friend gets married? You experience the best celebration ever. In humble Arizona City, Arizona, family and friends gathered to witness a marriage between two young lovebirds who have been dreaming of their wedding day since the day they met.

I was late. I ran out of the car, putting on my black lace heels. I tugged my dress down, ran my fingers through my hair, hoping that it didn’t look as sweaty as it felt – my throat, parched. As I struggle to open the double-doors and almost tripping on the carpet, Tiffany and I catch eye contact as I realize I have made it on time! They were waiting for everyone else to make their way, I entered right before the grand entrance of the bride. Tiffany and her father tell me to hurry and find a seat as I stand there dumbfounded by her radiant beauty and realize, wow, she is really here in her white wedding gown, she’s really walking down the aisle, and wow, I need to hurry up and find a seat! I pause quickly to fix my heels, and sit down at the nearest chair.

The double doors open, the sunshine pours in. The bride and her father walk down the aisle to “Bella’s Lullaby.” My eyes swell up a bit with tears. Tiffany looks down a bit to take in the moment, her soon-to-be-husband catches eye contact, and the most priceless moment occurred in a split second when they smiled that pure smile of joy.

Dramatic. Yes.

But that’s how it happened. Well, that’s how it happened in my eyes and how it happened through the images I captured.


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