Brittany’s Graduation May 2012

Brittany McKnight will always be a UA Wildcat!

That day, everyone was proud. We all know she is gifted with grace, intelligence and beauty. I am so proud of my best friend! Brittany graduated from the University of Arizona! That day was somewhat hectic since I still had to run to Buffalo Exchange since my dress was on hold. After rushing to get dressed, Ethan finally arrived. Scrambling to sign the cards, finish wrapping gifts and last minute touch ups, we almost forgot we had to pick up Stephanie. Racing to the other side of town, we picked her up, hurried to the University, went on a mad race to find parking, sweating, and finally finding a spot in the packed lot. In the McKale Center, there were proud parents, families, friends, distinguished guests, and accomplishment. We waited and waited for Brittany’s name to be called so we can yell and cheer as loud as we can.

Once the ceremony was over, we went to Nimbus Brewery, a local favorite. Ordering burgers and beer to fill our appetites, we talked about our favorite memories, the whole family chatting, the room was constantly filled with laughter. Those are the type of moments you will remember forever.

The party traveled on to Brittany’s house for a swimming party and cake. Brittany was happy school was over. I knew she will be thinking, “What next?” We did know that we were excited for summer to start since we had a vacation already planned, my birthday celebration was planned, 4th of July, monsoon season, more swimming parties, and then life will hit in August.

Brittany, Ethan and I have fond memories of being on campus, lunch dates, study dates, and sometimes we would just pass time sitting on this one bench at Old Main, feet propped up on the wood ledge thing, constantly adjusting our bench to stay out of the sun or move in the sunlight when it was cold, watching the people walk by, talk about stupid stuff, watch youtube videos, and vent about our stressful schedules filled with assignments, exams, and group projects. Most of the time, you could hear laughter, dirty jokes, or just silence as we watched our videos or we were just plain tired.

Returning to campus without Brittany seemed strange. As Ethan and I walked by Old Main, I always kept forgetting that we didn’t have to meet Brittany there anymore. We would walk our way to our new spot, either Harvill Building or the UA library. But good news! Brittany might return spring semester! We will see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into 😀


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