Ethan was living with Jake for a little bit

It was fun while it lasted, but also too stressful because of weird people.

I think it’s worth mentioning the time when Ethan was living on his own only because we had so much fun together there and he is an awesome chef, cleaner, and he did so great managing his finances! There are a lot of people out there who are irresponsible, clueless, and completely lost when they move out. BUT! Ethan Kernek is super smart and he did it! So when he moves out in the future, he will be totally fine. We had fun cooking, watching tv, hanging out, etc. I also wanted to share some cute pictures of Ghost.

We celebrated my birthday at that house. Ethan and I baked red velvet cake and it was hilarious! We didn’t have 2 pans to put the batter in so we threw it all into one pan and it was a BIG cake! Ethan made me tacos 😀 So delicious! We didn’t have a candle for the cake so we dug out this old candle of a Gnome that I gave Ethan and used that. So for my 22nd birthday, I made a wish and blew out the flame from the Gnome candle.

Now that I think about it, we also celebrated our anniversary there too! We had Chinese take-out, watched Wall-e, and I was waiting to see if Ethan would cry in the movie. Good memories! I love you Ethan!


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