My Graduation from Pima Community College!

Finally got my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts!

Yes, this is an important accomplishment for me since I had been stuck at Pima forever because I couldn’t pass math. I graduated because I passed College Algebra with an A! So, this was also important because that meant I was able to transfer to the UA and be with my boyfriend and best friend! Graduating from Pima made me feel proud. Getting ready was a procession. I had taken a lot of time picking out my dress, shoes, how to do my hair, etc. I carefully slipped on my black dress and I observed how it carefully fell beautifully on my body. I zipped up my heels, I jammed to my ghetto music. I did my hair and made sure each curl fell perfectly on my shoulders. Putting on my gown was the best part. It meant I was getting my diploma, I was going to make my mom proud, everyone was going to be proud.

Ethan picked me and we were nervous about parking. This graduation ceremony was going to be the biggest ever. Parking was impossible. The cars moved 1 mile per hour, we were going nowhere and we were so close! Ethan told me to just go and walk to TCC. As I was walking away, I realized I had forgotten my tassle. I ran back and fell in the street. I got back up, laughed, made it to the car, grabbed my stuff and left to TCC. Waiting in line with all the graduates made me ecstatic! I didn’t know who they were, I just knew they were accomplishing a goal that took time and effort. As they called my name, I walked on the stage, did a Nixon impersonation throwing 2 peace signs into the air and shook the hand of someone important, and walked back to my seat. As the ceremony ended, I turned my tassle, jumped in the air, and I got startled as an Enrique Iglesias song blasted through the speakers saying “BABY I LIKE IT” and confetti came falling from the ceiling. All I could see was pink all around me. I rushed to see my friend and family.

Ethan, Jake, and Brittany greeted me. We made our way to IHOP to celebrate. Chicken and Waffles is the best celebration food. But spending time with my friend is even better.


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