4th of July

The most exciting part of 4th of July is the wonderful aromas that swiftly gravitate to your nose. Grilled goodness marks one of my favorite holidays of the year.

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Our 4th of July consists of sitting in our backyard, fireworks exploding in the sky. I see every holiday as a sort of procession, it’s a process. You spend all day with your loved ones in the preparation of the event. When the event finally arrives, you feel happy just being with the ones you love. 4th of July consists of a full day of cooking, watching movies, and grilling. The monsoon sprinkles rain during the day and illegal fireworks fill the night sky. My favorite part of 4th of July is the contrast of colors against the night sky. It’s like glitter being exploded, thrown in the air, carried by fire and wind. The loud booms are startling, but exciting. My eyes are intensely focused on the glistening skies. I wish I can watch firework shows every night in my backyard.


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