My 22nd Birthday

Adulthood doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

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For my 22nd birthday, I wanted to celebrate it at Brittany’s house. We decided on a pool party. I bought Hello Kitty decor, bought tons of sodas, chips, pizza and some pool toys. Brittany, Jarrell, Valeria, Andy, Jake, and Ethan all joined me to celebrate my 22nd birthday. We watched Rio, swam, and played karaoke.

I remember being really concerned turning 21 the year before, only because I was finally realizing that I was an adult. 22 came and I thought I would feel somewhat sad that my life seemed to be passing by too fast. But I learned that the most important thing is spending time with those you love. It sounds so simple. It’s like looking at a math problem with simple examples of finding that “x” variable. What is the “x” variable? X equates love. The answer seems so simple and silly, too simple and too silly for that to be the response. Maybe it is just us complicating life more than it should be.


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