Our Day at the Tanque Verde Swap Meet

Sun already high in the Sunday morning sky, we decide to stop by at a Tucson local favorite.

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It had been years since I visited the Swap meet on Tanque Verde. I cannot believe the volume of the crowd. Vendors setting up shop, children running through the dirt lot, couples holding hands and sipping on their iced coffees. My mother, stepfather, sisters and I wanted to join in on the fun. My mother was mostly fascinated by a shop of a Jamaican man who had hemp style clothing, incense, you know, the general hippie stuff. My mother stayed a good 45 minutes smelling each stick of incense, trying out the oils, and finally deciding on the pachuli, a tote, and a bunch of incense. She made her way to a jewelry vendor, a man who spoke only Spanish. She was happy to see the authenticity in the silver work. She needed a pair. He sold my sister a bracelet and tried to get me to buy. I politely declined the offer. We passed a couple who were selling home-made soaps. They caught our eye as they were yelling “FREE SAMPLES! FREE SAMPLES THIS WAY!” Who wouldn’t want free samples? Well we couldn’t pass up on the deal and my mother couldnt pass up on the deals offered. My mother is addicted to anything lavender scented. Maybe to shopping as well…..I left empty handed but with a full memory card and full of stories.

This is what we found:


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