Christmas 2012

The most random Christmas yet.

I didn’t have a lot of money. Ethan got an allergic reaction to something. Our Christmas tree was broken. We were all working on Christmas Eve. My memory card for my camera was lost. Everything seemed to be going terribly wrong. Yet, we made it the best Christmas.

It was time to put up decorations! My mom went to the storage room and found the tree. Of course, a bunch of boxes had toppled over it and crushed our tree. It was one of those cheap plastic ones but it was really cool and white. I went to Target to buy a new one and they were all out of stock. I went online to find alternatives and stumbled upon a Christmas tree made out of books! We have plenty! Even our pantry is filled with books. I raided the closets and surprised my parents with my creative idea! I topped the Christmas tree with a kitty figurine.

On Christmas Eve, I was busting my butt on the Target sales floor. Running around, asking questions, and folding clothing. Target was having a contest for the team members, and if your name got called, you would win a prize. I won the 8 o’clock prize! I got a turkey dinner 😀 I was thankful for the prize that I had won because I wasn’t sure if we were going to have enough money to have a dinner. Because they had more prizes left over, there was enough items for everyone to go home with a nice gift.

My boyfriend and I had plans to attend midnight mass. I waited for him at In-and-Out Burger near my work and purchased us a meal. He arrived and helped me put all of my stuff in the car. He had his face covered in a scarf, his hands seemed swollen. I asked him “what the hell is going on?” He pulls off the scarf and tells me not to freak out. His eyes were puffy and watery. His face swollen, and burning. He ate something that he was extremely allergic to. I freaked out of course. I started crying and told him we have to go to the hospital right away. He was being stubborn and stupid and insisted that we still attended mass. I could tell that he had been crying from the terrible pain he was experiencing and his temperature was way above normal. It was horrible to see the love of my life in so much discomfort and pain. Yet, he sat quietly and peacefully during the mass.

The next day, we didn’t have many presents to open because I had to wait one more week to get paid. My sister was very generous to purchase gifts. My dad purchased a few presents for us as well. My brother was able to come home and spend a day with us. Ethan was still at home, dying. After we opened presents, Ethan was still swollen. We couldn’t visit his grandmother because he could barely move. I insisted that we go to the hospital. Finally he listened and we spent Christmas in the waiting room.

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