Sleighbells at the Rialto Theatre

We rocked our denim vests and sipped on cranberry vodkas.

Brittany and I were excited to see Sleighbells. Her mom and dad wouldn’t make up their minds if they would take us. That day, a few hours before the concert started, Brittany told me we would be headed downtown to the Rialto Theatre. Her earlier phone calls consisted of mixed responses, “Yes, they said they would go” or “No, my dad decided to stay home” or “My mom really doesn’t want to go because she hates them but my dad wants to go.” Finally everyone had made up their mind and picked me up.


10301_4782543330573_1039378996_n 69166_4782540650506_1978352661_n 156647_4771408652213_62846230_n 208216_4782532850311_1475454350_n 224540_4782534170344_1215725300_n 269840_4782540010490_1803568145_n 384226_4782539730483_1619222193_n 409358_4782544050591_875954476_n 421058_4782539490477_2058545966_n 534627_4782536650406_1585887794_n 554198_4782538970464_931133278_n 557797_4782540210495_594669911_n


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