New Years

Starting the New Year off just right! 😀


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I know I am really late on updating my blog. But just in case you are wondering, New Years was fabulous! Of course I take the whole week to celebrate. New Years Eve consisted of Ethan and I confused on what to do. We decided to head to IBT’s and party! We were dancing and drinking and finally when midnight struck, there was a balloon drop, we had our fancy top hats on, kissed, drank champaign and danced to that Pit Bull song “Don’t Stop the Party” song.

I stopped making New Years Resolutions. Ethan and I took time to make bucket lists instead. They take a long time to make ahaha. I know that the most important thing this year is our graduation. It’s time to get over school, take a break, and really work on earning some bucks! I need my life to get started. I also need to figure out what the fuck I am doing with my life. Yeah, that’s super important.


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