snow in tucson

It’s hard to believe.

I know I thought the weather man was completly lying when he said there was a Blizzard Alert.  wore shorts and pantyhose…. biggest mistake. I was stuck in my lab collecting data. Sitting there waiting for the subject to finish, I was scrolling though facebook and saw the newsfeed blowing up with status updates about snow. I was freaking out because I wanted to get pictures at least! When the person was done, I ran downstairs to meet Ethan and it was effing cold! There was a bunch of snow flurries all over the place! It certainly was beautiful. Everyone in Tucson was getting a kick out of it. It was hard to focus on anything that whole day! All I did was freeze my butt off playing with the little snow there was and spent some time recovering from a cold I got a few days later.

13917_10200675217711927_620939568_n 267817_10200675066708152_795659246_n 602187_10200675212711802_255290173_n 11419_10200675058987959_878634227_n


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