Lenten Season 2013

40 days.

I took these photos before going to mass on Ash Wednesday. 40 days before the death of Jesus.

This Lent season, I wanted to get closer to God and take the time to reflect. They say that during lent, God gives you many challenges to test your faith. I think that is true. A lot of things have been going on that are really testing my patience, my faith, and my trust in God. But I still believe.

It’s funny because this whole year seems to revolve around God. My Northern Renaissance Art History class is all about art commissioned by the Catholic Church. I learn more about the stories in the bible, pious patrons, and the politics in the church. In my Psychology of Religion and Spirituality class, my teacher conducts research on whether consciousness exists after death, conducting studies on whether or not God exists  and how spiritual healing can benefit people. Surprisingly, though his research he does believe there is a higher power. In my American Art class, there are more concepts about God in art or God inspiring art.

Anyways, I hope that I can stay strong during this lenten season, with the fasting and prayers, and I only have 2 more weeks to go. I gave up McDonalds to try and be more healthy. Easter is almost here!

558014_10200664131394776_1580962914_n (1) 307485_10200663585021117_820747702_n


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