Food Special

I ate a lot during my vacation time. Food special!

I was wondering why I had gained so much weight. Looking through my photos, I realized that my parents took me out to eat….A LOT during my Winter Vacation….The food does look great though. THE FIRST DISH IS MY FAVORITE! Mole with Rice and Beans ❤ 😀


148795_10200436505184263_572465646_n 282949_10200293507449409_564661610_n 309815_10200445151720421_1836636745_n 312383_10200390826682329_372342233_n 377735_10200585308584255_232223399_n 385363_10200311613942060_231895236_n 430955_10200293513809568_1701275418_n 523132_10200445171520916_222940829_n 530822_10200436498024084_297209930_n 535772_10200572249297781_468356800_n 537986_10200293515329606_1088263831_n 578216_10200563140950078_231632741_n 580555_10200311634822582_1010437709_n


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