Tucson Festival of Books 2013

It was cold and rainy!

I didn’t get a lot of photos because it was raining too much and I didn’t want my camera to get wet. At Science City, I dared Ethan to touch the Gila Monster. Ethan was mostly excited about getting Sonoran Hot Dogs and buying more books at the Near East Studies tent.

29023_10200830293548726_320333765_n 74475_10200830291948686_2083426793_n 188907_10200830295548776_221135116_n 482552_10200830294108740_999505035_n 482812_10200830293748731_1135565641_n 531545_10200830292028688_1540907911_n 559874_10200830295068764_1942854375_n 601524_10200830293348721_833223603_n 602078_10200830293948736_1406956801_n 625616_10200830295188767_640540775_n 734507_10200830294308745_778103402_n


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