Valentines Day 2013 (a little bit late)

What is love?

Before Valentines Day arrived, we were worried on where to eat. Our traditional spot is out of business and just recently burned down. That was a horrible fate for The Grill Downtown. Ethan and I made The Grill our traditional spot for Valentine’s Day because that’s where we met in high school. After that, we became best friends. We returned every year to the same spot and re-tell the story. Now our love spot is dead. We still haven’t found a new place yet.

I forgot to write about my Valentine’s Day which was not all that eventful. Earlier that day, we met up at school. I bought Ethan some sugar cookies that he loves and I waited for him at Harvill building. We exchanged gifts and went our separate ways for the rest of the day. That was it.

I was upset because we had too much homework and had to spend Valentine’s Day at work, and then on a study date. Our study dates just consist of us doing homework together. BUT I wanted to do something special, go out to eat, I bought a new dress, etc. That didn’t happen. I was exhausted from work and just went to Ethan’s house and fell asleep.

The next day, I was telling my mom how frustrated I was that I couldn’t do all the nice, cliche Valentine’s day stuff and she told me that it wasn’t about all that stupid stuff. That Ethan does a bunch of nice, love stuff for me everyday. He picked me up from work, buys me stuff all year round and he takes care of me all the time. That is true. So now I know to appreciate everything that I have and to take more time to thank Ethan for being with me.

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