California Dreaming: Summer in Disneyland

The strong scent of sunscreen, the ache in your feet and screeching children is what comes into my mind when I think about Disneyland.

I love the chilly nights where we wander through the park, cinnamon churros in hand, a crinkly plastic bottle in the other hand. The rusting of mothers and fathers rushing to get the best spot to watch the wondrous fireworks show. We have seen it a million times. We watch it from afar, singing along with the music. The tunes engraved, seems almost natural to just hum it if we were 1000 miles away. Yet, more joyous, memorable images come to mind when I delve into my memory. We spent about 4 days in Disney and California Adventures. We made a few visits, Venice Beach, San Diego, and various other locations.  I am happy to share the photos I took on my trip a long time ago. I apologize for the extreme tardiness of my posts. I have not ended my adventures, I am simply terrible at posting them.

For a few words on the trip: This adventure was the best I have had with my family. We have taken this Disney trip before, but it is never boring! We had delicious meals, went on all of the rides, went sight-seeing and enjoyed each other’s presence. (The typical stuff). Now that I have photos of all restaurants, I will be posting individual posts of restaurants I visit as well. Photos of the journey will be included since this blog is (mostly) visual to share my photographs.

1237941_10201910080782732_1858775747_n 1238937_10201910106223368_8367024_n 1236347_10201910110463474_168340195_n 1233492_10201910480712730_1450145540_n 1229843_10201910053622053_362899808_n 1229843_10201910049421948_919467484_n 1187073_10201910084022813_398919302_n 1175668_10201910071702505_1777869548_n 1176299_10201910050661979_1994431307_n 1184866_10201910048901935_746884665_n 1184890_10201910070022463_1361033005_n 1185312_10201910052302020_561653370_n 1186800_10201910060622228_1716599286_n 1150160_10201910119783707_229977148_n 1157668_10201910476912635_1605944084_n 1175238_10201910488312920_132438854_n 1175377_10201910111143491_106121675_n 1148951_10201910095463099_256243237_n 1000357_10201910064142316_527680120_n 995165_10201910063702305_1889469360_n 968820_10201910132584027_1155823648_n 559775_10201910144264319_97302514_n 557106_10201910488352921_1340096856_n 556327_10201910100063214_287155797_n 7861_10201910087462899_125468606_n 1896_10201910487032888_1402439235_n


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