Halloween/ Housewarming Party

Why, yes, we do love Halloween!

Ethan got his own place and it’s a nice, comfortable home. We decided to celebrate and wait ’till Halloween and we invited friend, family and coworkers. It was soooo much fun! My sister and her friends did a great job decorating! (Mostly) everyone came dressed up! If you guys were wondering what I was, I was Lady Gaga, but I had to take most of it off cuz it got really hot.

580790_10202429650611653_1595778940_n 1384035_10202413629131126_1318257153_n 1391694_10202413379044874_1346061_n 1391973_10202429631291170_829918827_n 1392029_10202429634331246_408493114_n 1422495_10202429647091565_1238634040_n 1422592_10202429641171417_1864829249_n 1425602_10202429607850584_1166966708_n 1452054_10202429641931436_2139477328_n 1455998_10202429640531401_1774427193_n 1456069_10202429635571277_617049308_n 1457732_10202429629451124_312313878_n 1457756_10202429630891160_1244497545_n 1459881_10202429627891085_2138968976_n 1461172_10202429648211593_326851099_n 1463028_10202429643251469_2133808248_n 1384027_10202429627851084_1444711001_n 1451487_10202429638291345_564734993_n 1452407_10202429627931086_1369644055_n 1461032_10202429642331446_1587988808_n 1461052_10202429630051139_192584635_n 960183_10202429637611328_1456807779_n 558899_10202429632571202_2026378422_n 553212_10202429634811258_1616284595_n


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