Honors Ceremony at the University of Arizona (sometime in the Fall Semester 2013)

I don’t want to brag but I kick butt (academically).

My journey at the University of Arizona was incredible. Sometimes, it was very lonely with just studying and doing nothing else. The semester that earned me my award of Dean’s List was the best semester of my undergrad. I decided to take on my minor all in a semester. With Art History  being my choice, I had the time of my life. This is my passion. Learning about people in the past through story telling, documenting, telling history, and art has always been a great love in my life. I feel like everyone has something important to say, that sometimes they don’t get the chance to say it. Dr. Soren, one of my professors, taught us about those people who don’t get to tell their stories very often. He taught us of great people in history, their contributions to society, even though they were silent heroes, the silent heroes of film and art. Dr. Cuneo taught me of the under appreciated people of the Northern Renaissance art, often overshadowed by the Italian Renaissance. I learned that it was even better than the Italians. In American Art History, Dr.Moore  taught us  about who we were as a nation and how it grew. Stories of hard-working people, the struggle for justice, the working class, the rich, the poor, the fabric of our society beautifully depicted in art and what stories it told of the people. The sadness of the Civil War will stay with me in one painting that I will share. The art of the Northern Renaissance art brought me closer to my religion because of the beautiful stories it told. Dr. Soren reminded me of my passion and to follow it. With that information, it helps me understand people today. I don’t think we’re that different from what we were in the past.

To talk a little bit more about the initial ceremony, it was incredibly rewarding. I am happy that I made my parents proud. I am proud of my achievements and proud of the woman I have become. I always imagined myself  being an educated woman, graduating from the University of Arizona and I have definitely accomplished that. My parents took me to my favorite little place in Tucson called Franks/Franciscos. The taco special is why I return there again and again.


Winslow Homer (1864) The Initials. 


Hubert van eyke and Jan van eyke (1432). The Ghent Altarpiece

603113_10202316656426869_1469219566_n 1186737_10202316660306966_268111407_n 1377158_10202316658426919_1259310420_n 1379614_10202316654706826_1814828325_n 1380812_10202316657226889_1367028019_n 1384059_10202316655946857_356638287_n




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