Lucha Libre: Gourmet Taco Shop


The pink walls, golden frames and brightly painted portraits were definitely eye-catching

The most fascinating part of this location is the decoration. The restaurant Lucha Libre seemed incredibly popular with the line coming out of the door. The space was small, decorated very elaborately. Because it was small, it was difficult to find space to sit down. The real treat to us was the location, San Diego. The weather was perfect. I decided to order the Chicken Mole Burrito. It was served on a Frisbee. I got a meal and a keep-sake. The photos can speak for themselves on the decor, vibe, and overall feel of the place. Coming from Tucson, eating authentic Mexican food elsewhere is always a great challenge to see if people can match up the authenticity. It fell a bit short of my expectations. It is a great local hangout but I would have to revisit to see if I love it or not. I wish I had more photos but it was too crowded.


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