Wurstkuche (My new favorite place)

I knew I was in heaven when a giant mug of dark  dark beer was placed in front of me.

The best part of Wurstkuche is when you enter the restaurant and see the beer glasses lined up so clean and beautiful. You can taste-test, ask about the incredible selection, and place your order of sausage and beer. It was so simple and easy. You walk towards the back to the seating area and it is beautifully lit with natural sunlight, it was open and so relaxing. The service was great! The beer was spectacular and the food was divine. I ordered the pheasant, I even tried alligator and rattlesnake. The duck was also really delicious.

1185712_10201910115263594_1424214688_n 1175569_10201910112743531_1974354684_n 1175450_10201910117543651_850796017_n 1175216_10201910116983637_570422296_n 1006334_10201910115863609_1838233775_n 1003800_10201910112943536_1105934385_n 1001120_10201910114383572_349926094_n

1098385_10201910116423623_1542987812_n 1150866_10201910113503550_373582283_n 1239775_10201910114703580_1266517849_n

Visit: http://www.wurstkuche.com/


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