I graduated from the University of Arizona!!! Ethan and I graduated together 😀

562007_10202809247421336_811809916_n 1459672_10202809248461362_237097730_n 1464599_10202809279702143_1689786204_n 1476263_10202809261381685_1457161467_n 1482777_10202809247181330_926134525_n 1485071_10202809259021626_1591609392_n 1486683_10202809247141329_946273989_n 1488776_10202809263821746_1314370595_n 1497689_10202809264301758_927598055_n 1505269_10202809258421611_2032288931_n 1509043_10202809262541714_732567783_n 1510398_10202809257101578_6830955_n 1512457_10202809259981650_1491782755_n 1520774_10202809279662142_1603971604_n 1528720_10202809280302158_1616490765_n 1534829_10202803577359588_1978074550_o


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