New Years! We wanted it to be better than 2013.

It was a party!

Everyone came (Except Alicia). I will introduce Alicia in a few posts. My friends are fantastic! Unfortunately, I am missing photos because when Brittany and Jake broke up (for a month), we deleted all the pictures of them together. On New Years, I had a lot of photos of them together. I hope everyone enjoyed their New Years!!! Drinks and dancing was the best way to celebrate the new year 😀

1f4121e8-740d-4244-9bdc-daf0f6178e63_zpsfdef4686 6514dcb7-cec7-4e86-9eaa-26301bfd86ea_zps490121eb 528343_10202893648891320_1682515237_n 1458480_10202893647531286_130881072_n 1479018_10202893650771367_701995404_n 1517660_10202893646051249_1106089958_n



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