Mini Vacation



It was one of those days where nothing went as planned.

Ethan and I decided to take a small vacation. The original plan was to go to a concert in Phoenix, stay with a friend in Eloy, AZ and relax in a small town. We were disappointed when we heard the concert had been canceled and no response from our friend. A day before our vacation, we had no plans. We decided to visit Wildlife World, eat in Downtown Phoenix, and hope our friend replied in time before the drive home. The Wildlife World was huge! The zoo had many species of birds, amusement park style rides, interactive displays and an all-around great experience. At dinner time, Ethan and I decided to go to Alice Coopertown. We encountered a strange woman in the parking lot and she wouldn’t leave us alone. As the evening drew closer to dark, we felt nervous to leave the car since she kept watching us from down the street. We decided to eat at IHOP in Casa Grand and drove back home. No word from the friend, a strange encounter, a random zoo trip and pure spontaneity. The drive back home was relaxing, just us two, chatting away. The smooth drive, Ethan’s laughter, city lights, and stars in the sky are the highlights of my trip.

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