Krista ties the Knot

Her first love was photography, and now she had found her second love.

Krista is my role model, my mentor and my friend. To be able to see her so happy was a joyous moment in my life. She deserves all the happiness and love in the world. I am thankful we were there to celebrate her marriage and start of a new chapter in her life! It was incredibly fitting that her celebration was held in a local art gallery, pot luck style!

10001365_10203426365288897_1618162109_n 1150407_10203426364888887_1168913288_n 1962739_10203426364448876_445896970_n 10003392_10203426362968839_1809629574_n 1902946_10203426362368824_1298653983_n 6974_10203426362688832_647056719_n1977133_10203426362528828_2027888921_n


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