Therapeutic Riding of Tucson Volunteer Event

We did a great job!

TROT or Therapeutic Riding of Tucson is a local non-profit organization that we frequently partner with for volunteer events. This specific volunteer event was to set up for their birthday celebration! Any organization that deals with therapies for adults and children with trauma or developmental disorders are very special to us. A Team Leader at our store has two sons who are diagnosed with Autism. We hope to continue volunteering with organizations that benefit the cause of Autism Awareness and the overall awareness of Mental Health.

If you are interested in volunteering:20140927_093559

TROT is able to function due to the assistance of more than 150 trained volunteers per week. A volunteer must be at least 14 years of age and in good health. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Working directly with the riders (horse handler/side walker)
  • Facilitating non-mounted therapeutic equine activities
  • Office tasks, yard work
  • Special events

(Trot, 2014)

20140927_091424 20140927_091540 20140927_093533 20140927_093634 20140927_115522 20140927_115531 20140927_115557


Source: TROT, 2014


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